At Moss Brook Fiber Arts we teach classes for all levels of knitters and crocheters, from beginning to advanced techniques. We offer individualized instruction in a small group setting to help you learn at your own pace. Whether you are new to knitting or crochet, or looking for a new challenge, we have a class for you.

Monthly Classes: We offer Knit or Crochet with a Teacher classes every month: on the second and  fourth Saturdays (usually) of the month from 10-12 in person and 1-3 online, most Monday  mornings from 10-12 (Tuesdays starting in February). Email if you are interested in an occasional Thursday evening class.

Note: There will be only one December Saturday class (12/10).  Monday classes will change to Tuesday mornings starting in February

Most classes are held at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts at 1A North Rd. in Chelmsford, MA, unless otherwise noted.

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Classes are $20 per person per session, which does not include materials or pattern except where indicated. Please note that some classes are multi-session classes.

Here is a list of topic classes that I have offered.  If you would like to see the class scheduled, e-mail me at  These classes are also available to book for a group and I am willing to travel.

 Introduction to Knitting with Beads: 1-3   $25 (includes $5 materials fee)

Learn the basics of adding beads to your knitting.  We’ll make a small project using each of the three main methods for adding beads.

Materials: Bring a fingering weight (sock) yarn and appropriate needles.

Beginning Knitting
Cost: $20

This class is for people who have just begun to knit, or those who are ready to start. We will learn the basic knit stitch and the purl stitch. If you are already knitting, you will learn the next step: casting on, casting off, decreasing, or increasing. Bring the project you are working on or bring a smooth worsted weight yarn and size 7 or 8 needles. If you are buying needles for this class, I recommend wood or bamboo, either 10 inch straight needles, or 24 inch circulars.  Please note that beginning knitters are welcome at Knit and Crochet with a Teacher classes.

Introduction to Brioche Knitting
Cost: $20

Brioche Knitting makes a wonderfully squishy cloth that is toasty warm. You’ll learn the basic single-color version and start a hot mat. Once you are comfortable with basic brioche, we’ll try two colors on the hot mat. Then we’ll talk about some of the next steps in Brioche, such as in the round, and maybe plan your next project.

Materials: Bring two contrasting worsted weight yarns and a circular needle you would normally use with that yarn.

Brioche Knitting
Cost: $40 (2 sessions)

In this two-session class we will begin with the easiest form of Brioche, back and forth in one color. Next, we will learn two color brioche, then venture into the increases and decreases used for cable and other more complex patterns. Students will choose among 3 or 4 projects of varying difficulty, available online, to work on in the second class.

Materials: Bring two colors of worsted weight yarn and 3 circular needles: one in the size normally used with that yarn, one the size below and one in the size above.

Intermediate Brioche
Cost: $20

For students who are comfortable with basic single-color Brioche stitch. Learn the next level—whether knitting in the round, two-color, cables, or decorative patterns achieved with increases and decreases.

Materials: 3 balls of worsted weight yarn (in at least 2 contrasting colors) and needles to work them both flat and in the round (16” circumference is fine).

Cast Ons and Bind Offs

Most of us have a go-to cast on and bind off.  Come learn some different ones, some basic, some that have particular uses or just look great!  If you have a particular cast on or bind off, let me know ahead of time and I’ll try to include it.

Materials: Bring several small balls of worsted to bulky weight yarns and sets of needles you would normally use with that yarn.  Also bring two small swatches with the same number of stitches cast on and knit a few rows and left on the needles.  Bring a third needle of the same size to use for 3 needle bind off.

Chart Reading for Knitting Patterns

Charts can be intimidating and some patterns only have charts.  In this class we will learn to read different kinds of charts: colorwork, lace, and cables and work on a dish cloth or afghan square together.  We’ll talk about ways to convert charts for people who prefer to knit from written instructions.  Join us and never be intimidated by charts again!

Materials:  two colors of worsted weight (size 4) yarn and the appropriate size needles you prefer for back and forth knitting; and your knitting notebook or a pad of paper.

Intro to Color Work
Cost: $20

Learn the basics of three types of two-color knitting: mosaic (also called slip stitch), intarsia, and stranded.  We’ll make a cup sleeve using the three techniques, touch on chart reading, and if there is time, talk about your next color work project.

Materials:  3 balls (20 g or more) in three different contrasting colors of worsted weight yarn with appropriate needles for knitting both flat and small circumference in the round.

Color Work Project
Cost: $25  (includes cost of pattern)

Learn to do two color knitting while creating a color work project.  You can choose between a cowl and a hat designed for worsted weight yarn. Learn to read a chart, maintain tension, keep colors consistent on the back, and more.

Materials: 3 skeins in three different colors of another worsted weight yarn with 16 inch circular needle in appropriate size.

Continental Knitting
Cost: $20

Many American knitters “throw” their yarn with their right hands. Continental knitters hold and tension the working yarn with their left hands and “scoop” the yarn with the right needle. Many knitters find that they improve their speed and comfort using this method. In this class you will learn to manage the yarn with your left hand as well as various methods for purling including combination and Norwegian styles.

Prerequisites: Basic knitting skills.

Materials: Smooth DK, worsted, or Aran yarn and appropriate needles.

Introduction to Entrelac

We will use the “Garterlac” dish cloth pattern, courtesy of Dave at Criminy Jickets, to learn the basics of entrelac.   We’ll do the easiest short rows (no wraps!) and try knitting back backwards (but only if you want!).

Materials: Bring a ball of worsted weight yarn (kitchen cotton, or something appropriate for an afghan square) and the needles you prefer for working back and forth on the yarn.

Finishing Techniques
Cost: $40 (2 sessions)

In this two session class you will learn the necessary skills to finish your sweaters beautifully: blocking, mattress stitch, setting in sleeves, working in ends, and picking up and knitting button bands and collars.  You will also learn tips to use in knitting your sweaters that will make finishing easier.  We will focus on blocking, tips for easier finishing, and beginning to seam in the first class.  In the second class we will work on several types of seaming situations, three-needle bind off, and button bands and collars.

For the first class, bring three 4 x 4” worsted weight swatches knit in plain stockinette (knit one row, purl one row), extra yarn, a yarn needle, something to hold your pieces together: safety pins, plastic yarn pins, or hair clips, and (optional) two garter stitch swatches.   If you have a sweater that needs finishing, bring that too.

Finishing  – Seaming Techniques
Cost: $20

You will learn the necessary skills to seam your sweaters beautifully: blocking, mattress stitch, and working in ends. You will also learn tips to use in knitting your sweaters that will make finishing easier.  As time permits, we will discuss setting in sleeves and picking up and knitting button bands and collars.  Bring three approximately 4 x 4” worsted weight swatches knit in plain stockinette (knit one row, purl one row) and two knit in garter stitch (knit every row) to practice techniques on.  If you have a sweater that needs finishing, bring that too.  In addition to the swatches and extra yarn, bring a yarn needle and something to hold your pieces together: safety pins, plastic yarn pins, or small hair clips.

Magic Loop
Cost: $20

Magic Loop is a great way to knit small items like socks, sleeves, and mittens in the round.  Many people find it easier to learn than double pointed needles.  I will provide a pattern for a newborn baby hat, but bring your own small circumference pattern if you prefer.   

Materials: DK weight yarn (or yarn for your pattern) and a 40 inch circular needle appropriate to the yarn.

We all Make Mistakes! (and How to Fix Them)
Cost: $20

Turns out, really good knitters make lots of mistakes! While they rip out a lot, they also know how to fix smaller mistakes without having to rip. In this class you will learn how to fix a dropped stitch, how to fix mistakes in lace, texture, and cabled patterns, and how to place lifelines. We’ll learn some techniques for dealing with mistakes that occur too far back for a standard fix. Bring your mistakes and/or a swatch still on the knitting needles with a garter section and a stockinette section.

Learn to Knit Mittens
Cost: $20 

Mittens are a great warm weather project because they are so small. Learn how to make mittens, knitting flat or in the round. Once you have registered, I will provide you a free copy of this pattern.

Prerequisites: Basic knitting skills.

Homework: Knit the ribbed cuff from the pattern above.

Pattern Adaptation
Cost: $20

“I love that hat pattern and this yarn.”  But what do we do if the pattern is written for one weight yarn and the yarn we love is another weight?  In this class you will learn the basics of modifying patterns to work with the yarn you want to use.  We’ll talk about when it is likely to work well and when it won’t.  And we’ll discuss which types of patterns are easy to adjust and which will take a bit of work and math.  All you will need to bring is a pencil and a notebook, and if you would like, a pattern that you want to learn how to modify for a particular yarn.

Portuguese Knitting
Cost: $20

Portuguese knitting (also called Greek or Peruvian knitting) involves tensioning the yarn either around your neck, or on a pin near your shoulder.   Purling becomes the easy stitch and some knitters learn it just for that reason.  Others find it is more comfortable than other ways of knitting.  In this two session class we will begin with basic garter stitch (done with purl), then move on to the knit stitch.  In the second class we’ll learn increases and decreases and try a bit of color work.

Learn to Knit in the Round
Cost: $20

Learn to knit in the round on a hat.  The pattern is free.  If there is interest, we can also learn using two circulars or magic loop to close the top of the hat.

Materials:  120-200 yds. of worsted weight yarn, a 16 in circular needle and double pointed needles in an appropriate size for the yarn.

Knitting Sampler: Methods and Needles
Cost: $40 (two sessions)

There are many different ways to hold knitting needles and manage the working yarn.  Knitters often find that one or another method is more comfortable.  Switching between methods can help avoid fatigue and discomfort.  In this class you will have the chance to try continental, English (throwing), lever, pencil and Portuguese knitting.  The first class will focus on introducing several styles of knitting.  Students will choose one or two methods they would like to practice until the next session.  We will try different ways of holding the yarn and have the opportunity to use knitting needles made with different materials.

In the second class we will review, then work on improving, the students’ chosen style(s) as well as trying two-color knitting.

Let’s Knit Socks!
Cost: $40 (two sessions)

We will begin with a miniature sock, perfect for decoration or as the first half of a baby gift.  You’ll learn how to make a heel flap, turn a heel, and pick up gusset stitches.  At the second session, you will learn to finish the toe with kitchener stitch.  You can use your preferred method for knitting small circumferences: double pointed needles, two circular needles, or magic loop.  For the first class, you will need to bring or buy worsted weight yarn, needles to match your yarn, and a yarn needle.  For the second class you can bring the particular pattern you would like to knit and we’ll talk about other sock knitting methods, such as toe up and short row heels and get you started with your next sock.

Sweater Tips
Cost: $20

In this one session class, we will discuss how much ease to add to a sweater (and therefore, which size to knit), how to choose a substitute yarn, how to knit a sweater to make finishing easier, and basic ways to adjust a pattern. Bring a sweater pattern you have wanted to knit, and a tape measure and notebook if you would like to be measured.