Class Homework

Introduction to Brioche:

Bring two contrasting worsted weight yarns and a circular needle you would normally use with that yarn.

Cast Ons and Bind Offs:

Materials: Bring several small balls of worsted to bulky weight yarns and sets of needles you would normally use with that yarn.  Also bring two small swatches with the same number of stitches cast on and knit a few rows and left on the needles.  Bring a third needle of the same size to use for 3 needle bind off.

Mistakes Class:

For the swatch: Cast on 20 stitches in worsted weight, then do one half the stitches in garter, the other half in stockinette like this;
Row 1: Knit all stitches
Row 2: Knit 10, purl 10.
Repeat these two rows for a couple of inches and leave on the needle.
Bring any mistakes you would like to work on and a crochet hook F or G.